A Cape Cod Artist Retreat and Rejuvenation Center for Women

A Cape Cod Artist Retreat
and Rejuvenation Center for Women


Oestara House Piano

Creative Nourishment

What a lovely creative time here. I feel the spirits of coming residents — nourishment for years to come.

Ione, Author, Playwright/Director and Poet

Peaceful Atmosphere

What a wonderful and peaceful atmosphere at Oestara House.

Pauline Oliveros, Professor of Music at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Restorative Matrix

Lorah Yaccarino, a creatrix of music, landscape and food, has woven together all her talents and spirit into the matrix of Oestara House. I had a fabulous, restorative couple of days at her local at summer's end this past year....drumming on the porch, swimming in freshwater kettle ponds, having a deep silent moment in the woods listening to crickets and coyotes as dusk fell among the scrub pines, majestic beeches and lichen covered rocks...(love that Cape landscape!). Lorah also hooked up a big screen and we had a great show and tell of our work...Thank you, Lorah for making this place!

Kathleen Mandeville, Producer